Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
Susan Ashley Bell Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Technician II/UKHC C301 Ky Clinic 859-218-2620
Francisco H. Andrade, Ph.D. Physiology, PGY - Leadership Professor 800 Rose Street, Medical Science Building, Rm: MS-511, (Lab) MS-539, Lexington, KY 40536-0298 (859) 323-6576
Richard D. Andreatta, Ph.D. Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences
Douglas A. Andres, Ph.D. Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry, Cardiovascular Research Center Professor BBSRB 283, 741 S Limestone St, Lexington, KY 40536-0509 859-257-6775
Michael A Andrykowski Behavioral Science Regular Faculty 133 Medical Behavioral Science Building (859) 323-6657
Arun Aneja, M.D., Ph.D. Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Assistant Professor Kentucky Clinic 740 S. Limestone, Suite K401 859-323-5533
Caitlyn Ruth Anglin Pediatrics I/R/F - Pediatrics, PGY - 2 800 Rose Street
Lindsey Oreel Anglin Pediatrics Patient Services Coordinator Senior/UKHC 800 Rose Street
Nicholas Annichiarico, DO Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation I/R/F - PM&R, PGY - 1
Michael I Anstead Pediatrics Special Faculty 138 Leader Avenue 859-323-5802
Lowell B. Anthony, MD, FACP Internal Medicine Clinical Faculty
Sylvia Antone Surgery, Urology GME Program Coordinator/UKHC 859-323-1898, 859-323-1944 Fax
Rony Aouad, MD, MS, FACS Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery Associate Professor, Division of Head & Neck Cancer Surgery, Division of Skull Base Surgery, Division of Rhinology (859) 257-5405
Frank Appiah CV Imaging Research Team
Kimberly E Applegate, M.D., M.S., FACR Radiology Professor of Radiology & Pediatrics, Chief, Division of Pediatric Radiology, Department Liaison for Quality to UK Children's Hospital 800 Rose St HX 314B 859-257-2105
Miroslava Aprelkov Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Technician II/UKHC C301 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867
Cynthia Marie Araya IBU - Medical Coder Principal/UKHC Coldstream Campus
Douglas d Archbold, Ph.D. Horticulture N308C Agriculture Science Center North 40546-0091 859 257-3352
Sanford Archer, MD, FACS, FAAOA Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery Professor, Division of Rhinology & Sinus Surgery, Division of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Pediatrics (859) 257-5405
Brian S Armentrout Internal Medicine Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC IM Nephrology
Debra K Armstrong Community Program Director
Melissa K Arnett Center on Drug and Alcohol Research Targeted Assessment Specialist
Donna Arnett Ph.D., MSPH
Heather Arnett Center on Drug and Alcohol Research Targeted Assessment Specialist
Beth Joleen Arnold Internal Medicine Part Time Faculty
Will Arnold Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics Graduate Research Assistant MN 467/469 859-257-9305
Michelle Arnold Research Program Manager
Susanne M Arnold Internal Medicine Special Faculty
Vaneet Arora, MD, MPH Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Assistant Professor, Associate Director - Clinical Microbiology, Associate Director - Kentucky State Public Health Laboratory HA 620
Ranjana Arora, MD, MPH Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Assistant Professor HA 606
Susana Arriagada-Alvarado Pediatrics Clinical Faculty 138 Leader Avenue
Beverly Sue Arthur Internal Medicine Staff Support Associate II/UKHC 800 Rose Street
Irina A Artiushin Sanders-Brown Center on Aging/Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Research Analyst
Jo Lynda Arvin Behavioral Science Computer Support Specialist I 106 Medical Behavioral Science Bldg. 859-323-4425
Lucy Arvin IBU - Surgical Coding Associate/UKHC KY Clinic